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creating a custom i18nc layer

I'm aware this community appears never to have been used, but since there are a handful of people watching it anyway, I thought I'd give it a go, since I don't think this question would get answered in the 'make your journal look pretty' s2 communities.

I'm trying to create an en_GB i18nc layer (you can see it here, hopefully - i just overrode the date formats, nothing else). Basically I just want correct (British, that is, so 25/12/00 instead of 12/25/00) date formats (and 24 hour time) on all styles, not just ones which choose to allow me the option of customising date formats (my preferred style doesn't).

The problem is it just doesn't work. I have British English selected on, and I have "Default" selected from the Language dropdown on ("English" doesn't work either). But the layer just doesn't seem to be functioning. Any clues, or is this sort of thing simply not possible? If it isn't, how would I go about contributing an en_GB i18nc layer to the 'official' i18nc layers already present so that it would function?
i haven't tested this, so, at any point it may contain incorrect information.

if you create an i18nc layer, it should only be used for overriding text properties and functions that exist in the core layer.

how many language options are able to be set in the /customize/ area?

/manage/siteopts.bml only has control over the LiveJournal site itself. it's independent from layouts.

if you're able to successfully select an i18nc layer, yours is most likely at the end of the list, if they kept the old behavior of creating the lists.

it'll only affect layouts that use the properties that are defined in the core layer.
i don't know if the values set in the layout layer have lower or higher precedence than the values in an i18nc layer.

it may just be a precendence battle. but i'm not currently in a position to test that. sorry. :\
my i18nc layer isn't selectable... only the standard (Danish->Ukrainian) ones are. How do I make it selectable? I can't see any differences between my layer and existing i18nc layers, other than that mine only redefines date formats, but this shouldn't be a problem. my only guess is that custom i18nc layers are disabled..?

the i18nc layer i've created only sets lang_fmt_* variables, which are defined in the core layer. the layout layer doesn't modify them and uses the time_format and date_format functions which uses the variables set in the core/i18nc layer. so precedence should be a none-issue.

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